Umman Dembele, the father of the young but quiet, unruly Because what? Find the answer here. Sbobet


Believing that most fans will know the sbobet  name of the player's name, Umman Dembele, more or less But we are going to search for answers together at the same time. That can be called to find the answer to what he is.
Going back to the time when Dembele was a young player who seemed to be extremely strong Can be called just waiting for the day that he will explode the most form But what is it that is why adults in many circles The person who pushed him had to blow his emotions before the footsteps of this youngster exploded. Which this player is really African bloodline But in the ID card, it was stated that he was a French citizen and his favorite club was Barcelona, ​​and the players he had raised to worship as idols were Keita Neymar and Messi.
Back when he was a child Small football club One in France gave the opportunity to enter the football since the age of 13, so he refused to continue to study. And then aim and focus on football only Then he was shining from that time, and he became sbobet   a bomb boy of the Ligue 1 that scored 12 goals in the first season. And also have statistics to feed With an average of 4.1 times per game Then he was attached to the French national team. Then climbed up Only one year Many proposals spilled over into his agency's club. Including the beloved team like Barcelona, ​​which makes Dembele's heart inflated and thinks that dream is true But it is not like that When he wanted to go to Barca, but the club thought he was an important match, could not be released easily, so he strengthened with some rules. Causing him to be released to the Yellow Panther, Dot Moon, but he still performed well beyond the standard He created the name here, shot a lot, paid a lot, played both feet. Can be called where to put him in the position, it looks scary in the eyes of the opposing team
When he realized that Barca wanted to get him when Neymar went out, it gave Dembele a mind not with the body and body. And then made a clear impression to know that he wanted to move away from the yellow tiger and wanted to go to Barza, reported that he had disappeared, stubbornly closed his mobile phone, no one could contact Pressure the club to hurry to release And it was accomplished He has come to live in Barza, wanting to call it the story of a deaf but silent child that we put together here. Sbobet online child pages for you.