The first two teams have met 179 times as the Reds beat the Reds.


The first two teams have met 179 times. The Reds beat sbobet the Reds to 77 times and the Blue Division beat the Reds 62 times and 40 times in total. Then there is the statistics that the Reds can win two times. In the encounter with the Blue Lion in the last 14 shots. All in all, 7 matches have been lost to another 5 games that the Red Devils fans may be afraid. Not least when they have to meet in the Premier League.

The second is that since the clopper stepped sbobet in to control the Reds. I have been defeated just once in all six games that both have met. Then we have to go deep into each other that the last three matches of both. The Blue Swans have invaded the Reds to Anfield. The score ended in a tie at 1 goal per 1 all.